The flow of heat in the presidential election Campaign Fund U.S.

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WASHINGTON -Through a joint interview From April 19, 2012, United States Ambassador to Indonesia (USA) Scot Marciel said, funds for the election campaign in the u.s. is very expensive. For that donation from various parties sorely needed to help survival campaign.

President Barack Obama and U.S. presidential candidate of the Republican Mitt Romney would have to prepare a lot of funds to finance their campaigns. Although Romney is a rich businessman, and Obama could easily get donations, but only very necessary campaign fundraiser. 

As an example, the President of the United States (U.S.) Barack Obama earn extra funds are large enough to prepare themselves in the campaign of us President election 2012. Approximately USD6 million or Rp55 billion (USD 9.180 per USD) holds a fund created at night for him on last May.

These funds are not a night of ordinary people who are coming. These activities precisely staged by Hollywood actor who is known as a supporter of Obama, George Clooney.

Events are held in the open at the home page of this dihadir by Clooney, around 150 guests who came from diverse backgrounds. Among them was certainly there are colleagues in the industry as well as Clooney Hollywood entrepreneur-businessman well-known beyond.

The guests were rumored to have to spend quite a lot in the night these funds. They should at least pay some Rp367,2 USD40 thousands or millions for each guest's seat. With approximately 150 guests in attendance, Obama also is expected to get additional funds to campaign Rp55 billion. There are still many other events conducted by Obama, including doing fundraising in May with US rock musician.

Other events held by Obama, Through two events are held in Connecticut. President Obama is expected to get around USD2,5 million or approximately Rp23,6 billion (USD 9.460 per USD). One of the events are held, made in house producer Harvey Weinstein movies Hollywood masters. While the movie stars such as Anne Hathaway and Joanne Woodward ascertained will be present at the event.

A candidate for President of the United States (U.S.) indeed cost money, it is realized by Mitt Romney that it is definitely going against President Barack Obama in the U.S. presidential election of 2012. Likening Obama, Romney continued to hold a fundraising party for his campaign.

Mitt Romney did not lose with Obama, the fundraising event in Hampton, New York on 8 July. Romney managed to get additional funds to USD4 million or approximately Rp37,7 billion. The event was conducted in the three houses belonging to the upper circles of the country the same Uncle.

The first event was carried out at the home of Revlon CEO Ronald Perelman. Later, Romney continued his show at the home of former u.s. Ambassador to Brazil Clifford Sobel. In his speech in the presence of approximately 250 guests at home, Romney aware with Sobel financial support that exists around it.After a residence of Sobel, Romney continued her to the home of businessman David Koch. Billionaires are known as the main supporter of the Republican party.

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