France will prepare the Prohibition Zone Flying in Syria?

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PARIS-As a form of support for the opposition to Syria, France is rumored to consider the enactment of prohibition zone Central flying over partial country. It is intended to increase pressure on the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Minister of defence of France Jean-Yves Le Drian hinted the ban will fly zone was in force between Turkey's borders with the city of Aleppo. As the unnoticed in recent months of fighting between Government forces and opposition occurred in Aleppo is the second largest city in Syria. 

"The idea of a ban on flying over the zone designated areas such AS Foreign Minister previously suggested Hillary Clinton must be scrutiny," said Italian Minister of France Le Drian as reported by the Russian Today, Friday (24/8/2012).

For the umpteenth time Le Drian also stressed that Syria crisis will never be solved if President Assad did not surrender.

Although the opposition is rumored split ends in fight against Assad confirmed Le Drian, however France fully supports the movement of anti-Government forces, Syria.

"We are increasing our efforts to support Syria's strong opposition in order to take control over his country and ultimately can honor all of Syria," said Le Drian.

However, in the same time Le Drian also implying that France would not go to Syria without any UN mandate.

This statement comes after Foreign Minister Clinton in early August and then stated that the prohibition zone is one of the options in resolving the crisis underway.

Of implementation of film flying ban by the West zone of this district but will have the great challenge of Russia given the Country Bears Red during this oppose any military action over its allies. Moscow not stop calling for a peaceful solution and dialogue in order to put an end to further conflict in Syria.

Recent news mentions, Moscow agreed to cooperate in order to ensure that the Damascus arsenal of chemical weapons remain under the control of the powerful. Syria is also rumored to promise will not use weapons or relocate.

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