Entertainment News : Ray Thrown Out Naked for Cheating With Olympia Dukakis on 'Bored to Death'

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'Bored to Death' - 'Two Large Pearls and a Gold Bar'A little tip from this week's 'Bored to Death' (Mon., 9PM ET on HBO). If you're going to cheat on your significant other, try not to do it in the house you share with her. When Ray got caught cheating with an older woman -- Olympia Dukakis, no less -- he was thrown out of the house immediately.

Unfortunately for Ray, and the people out in the streets, he was in the middle of a bubble bath when "immediately" came down, and so he found himself running around outside wearing nothing but a swim cap. Luckily, George is there to help a friend in need, so Ray won't end up homeless. It also keeps him closer so he can continue going on wacky adventures with George and Jonathan, which is really what we're tuning in for every week.

This week's adventure saw Casey Wilson guest star as an old flame still interested in Jonathan, while her father, played by Rene Aberjonois, hires him to protect an expensive necklace. The case winds down rather predictably, but not before we get some fun flirting from Wilson and a great swordfighting scene between Jonathan, George and the jewel thief, who turns out to be Aberjonois trying to cash in on the insurance -- told you it was predictable.
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